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Is this actually labor? Should I call my care provider? Is it time? Having a doula is like having your own personal assistant for birth. One who can make your partner feel secure in their role, whether they want to be very involved or less, either way, I support you both. Someone who can comfort you through a long day of early labor, help you cope emotionally and physically with the subtle shifts in labor. When deciding if a doula is right for you, it is good to remember that first time labors can be long, and if you have a partner, he or she might want to sleep, and eat, or tie up loose ends. A doula provides the security of added support.

At the hospital, parents who do not use a doula are often surprised by how little involvement the nursing staff has with the birthing mother.Their time is precious but having a doula can fill that gap. I can help you make the hospital environment feel more cozy, and have a unique fondness for bendy straws, as hydration is important in labor!

No matter where you are meeting your baby, my role is to help. I can help you stick to your ideals, or help you process making unexpected choices. I can help you before and after the birth of your baby. I can help you with breastfeeding, banking your baby’s umbilical cord blood, and finding resources such as local pediatricians, placenta encapsulators (yes that’s a thing), and community involvement.

I am known as a woman who will go the extra mile for families affected with issues pertaining to mental health. From educating clients how to communicate their unique needs to their care providers, to preparing first time parents to be gentle with themselves as their family expands.

So, where do we start? I will meet with a mama or couple to determine if we’d like to work together. We will get to know each other prenatally as I am available for 24/hr call and text support. When you are in labor I can meet at home or at the birth center or hospital where you are delivering. You can do it!

Birth Doula Services start at $1050 and you may meet an additional doula who will work with me in shifts. Please call to set up a phone interview or for more information.773-701-1649


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